Roadside drains

We are responsible for keeping all roadside drains (also known as gullies), clean and fully operational and a programme of cyclical gulley cleansing runs throughout the year.

You can contact us to report a blocked drain or gulley. We'll need to know:

  • a description of the problem, eg blocked drain, whether the area is flooded and whether there is any odour
  • the location of the problem
  • if the area is flooded, a description of the flood, e.g. area, depth, whether properties or gardens are at risk
  • any problems, hazards or congestion it is causing
  • what is causing the blockage

Don’t worry if you can’t provide all of this information, we will inspect the drain after we receive the report. 


Do not put yourself in danger to gather this information.

Report a blocked roadside drain or gulley

What happens after a blocked drain/gulley is reported

If there is no immediate risk of flooding to nearby properties, we will check our programme and if the area is due to be cleansed within 90 calendar days, we will not raise a specific request to the operational Highways team.

If the blockage is causing an immediate risk, or the timescale is significantly outside 90 calendar days, the Highways team will carry out an investigation, and if necessary do an intermediate cleansing to clear the problem.