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We administer applications which relate to:

  • Mineral development eg quarrying
  • Waste developments eg landfill sites
  • Council's own developments 

We don't deal with applications for:

  • householder eg extensions
  • residential eg housing estates
  • commercial eg offices or shops

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Important updates

Coronavirus and how your business is affected

View operation of premises information relating to coronavirus health protection and regulations.

  • Leicestershire Highway design guide 

    Transportation infrastructure for new developments.

  • Highway statements and declarations 

    The Highways Act 1980, Section 31(6) provides a mechanism for landowners to acknowledge the presence of existing rights of way across their land and negate any intention to dedicate further ways thereby preventing new rights being established.

  • Developer contributions 

    Read our developer contributions policy and infrastructure funding statement

  • Planning permission 

    We deal with planning applications that relate to minerals, waste planning or our own developments.

  • Minerals and Waste Local Plan 

    The Minerals and Waste Local Plan for Leicestershire

  • Neighbourhood planning 

    Find out about neighbourhood planning and how you can use it to develop and improve your local area.

  • Safety at sport grounds 

    Under the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 and The Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act 1987 Leicestershire County Council are responsible for issuing a safety certificate in the respect of sports grounds that are designated by the Secretary of State and/or regulated stands.

  • Planning archaeology 

    We offer advice on development proposals which need planning permission in line with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and Local Plan policies. We recommend talking about this as soon as possible, ideally before you submit a planning application.

  • Leicestershire and Rutland Environment Records Centre (LRERC) 

    You can search the Leicestershire and Rutland Environment Records Centre for ecology information - the main county archive.

  • Commons and Village Greens 

    General information about the registers of common land and town and village greens


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