Safety at sport grounds

Under the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 and The Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act 1987 Leicestershire County Council are responsible for issuing a safety certificate in the respect of sports grounds that are designated by the Secretary of State and/or regulated stands.

Sports grounds that have accommodation for more than 10,000 spectators or 5,000 in the case of Premiership or Football League are designated by the Secretary of State.

Regulated stands are those that provide covered accommodation for 500 or more standing or seated spectators.

Sports grounds that are either designated or have a regulated stand in Leicestershire must apply for a Safety Certificate using the documentation below.

Safety certificate application form and procedure

You can apply for a safety certificate by completing the application form.

Completed application forms must be returned to:
Telephone: 0116 305 5515

Safety at sports grounds policy

Find out more information about your responsibilities and the local authorities duties by reading the Safety at sports grounds policy.

Enforcement policy

Find out more information about the enforcement procedure relating to safety at sports grounds.