Sign up to the Leicestershire Climate and Nature Pact

We need to act quickly to reduce carbon emissions to net zero, adapt to the impacts of climate change and halt ecological decline. 

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Importance of working together to make a difference

The success of this depends on residents, businesses, local authorities and other organisations in the county all working together. 

We are therefore calling upon organisations and groups across the county to sign the pact and play their part in combating climate change and ecological decline. 

The Leicestershire Climate and Nature Pact is based on the principles of the Glasgow Climate Pact, signed by the UK government in November 2021 and displays a true partnership effort, bringing together the businesses, voluntary, community and social enterprises, universities, education and research sector, public sector and people of Leicestershire to work towards these common principles and goals to help tackle the emergencies we face.

Find out more about the pact and sign up 

Key Principles

  • We commit to constructively working together to strengthen climate action which supports sustainable development.
  • We support a just transition which ensures equality, inclusivity and enables local communities to take climate action.
  • We recognise the important role of civil society including youth and children in addressing and responding to climate change and the need for cooperative action.
  • We recognise the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and other global events and the need for sustainable, resilient and inclusive recovery and growth.
  • We recognise and support the climate and ecological emergency and the need to take climate action alongside protecting and enhancing ecosystems and biodiversity.
  • We commit to accelerating and taking decisive action to 2030; the definitive decade


We recognise the need for the following core requirements in order to tackle climate change and ecological decline:

  1. Science and Urgency: the need to act on climate change We will act to increase ambition and delivery of action in relation to climate change mitigation, adaptation and nature recovery in this critical decade and will respond to new scientific evidence and advice accordingly.
  2. Mitigation: reducing carbon emissions to net zero. We will implement robust targets and actions plans to achieve net zero, regularly updating strategies, and reporting to demonstrate progress. We will seek to accelerate the development, deployment and dissemination of carbon cutting technologies, and the adoption of policies, to transition to net zero, including rapidly scaling up the deployment of clean power generation, energy efficiency measures, modal shifts and nature-based solutions, recognising the need for a just transition.
  3. Adaptation: reducing the impacts of climate change. We will work together, with support from the research community, to integrate adaptation into individual and local planning, improving understanding of local impacts of climate change, response options and adaptation needs.
  4. Nature: halting ecological decline and supporting nature recovery. We will act to deliver local nature recovery, protecting and enhancing biodiversity in the County.
  5. Finance: enabling climate action. We call upon financial institutions, investors, private sector and government to scale up their provision of climate finance, technology transfer and capacity-building for mitigation and adaptation and will prepare our own ambitious funding plan.
  6. Collaboration: working together to deliver greater action. We commit to engaging with and contributing to climate and nature collaboration including consultations, partnerships, events, knowledge share and other forms of governance, education and awareness raising that enable positive change.

Sign up

If you'd like to join the other organisations and groups across Leicestershire in combating climate change and ecological decline by following these key principles and requirements, you'll just need to do the following with the 'Leicestershire climate and nature pact' document below:

  1. Download the 'Leicestershire climate and nature pact' document 
  2. Enter your organisation name
  3. Sign electronically
  4. Add your own pledge if you wish to the pact below
  5. Then save and email a copy to

You'll be included in a list on our website of organisations that have already signed up to the Pact. 

Organisations that have signed up to the pact so far

  1. Leicestershire County Council
  2. De Montfort University
  3. National Forest
  4. Green Fox Community Energy
  5. Loughborough University
  6. University of Leicester
  7. Midlands Net Zero Hub
  8. Oadby and Wigston Borough Council
  9. Cenex
  10. North West Leicestershire District Council
  11. LLEP
  12. Environment Agency
  13. Charnwood Borough Council
  14. Tilton Green (community group in Tilton on the Hill)
  15. Tilton Electric Car Club 
  16. Halstead Hill Farm 
  17. Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council
  18. Blaby District Council
  19. Bottesford Net Zero
  20. Melton Borough Council
  21. Harborough District Council
  22. Harborough Woodland
  23. Harborough Climate Action
  24. Unyte Group
  25. C Butt Ltd
  26. Confident Communities
  27. St Catherine's Parish Church, Burbage