Lila Yoga

16, Sussex Avenue, Melton Mowbray, LE13 0AP

Helen at Lila Yoga is a certified Yoga Teacher and Special Yoga practitioner and with 15 years experience in the SEND sector, most recently as a Teacher and School Leader.


Special Yoga sessions use Yoga as a therapeutic intervention to meet the specific needs and capabilities of an individual child on any given day. Supporting them to better know, regulate and feel comfortable in their own bodies, as well as reaching their full potential not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.


Lila Yoga offer 1:1 Special Yoga sessions in the home, which can have the following benefits:


• Enriching the quality and quantity of sleep

• Supporting digestive health

• Enhancing communication skills

• Reducing fear, frustration and stress

• Establishing calm mental states

• Building positive, trusting relationships

• Reducing hyperactivity

• Developing the ability to relax

• Releasing tension

• Improving motor control and motor planning skills

• Relieving respiratory ailments

• Developing physical strength, muscle tone and balance

• Promoting flexibility and correcting postural misalignment

• Increasing self-awareness

• Improving concentration

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Charnwood , Melton , Rutland