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The Strategic Plan

Sets out the council’s vision and priorities for the county and the organisation.

"Working together for the benefit of everyone: Leicestershire County Council’s Strategic Plan 2018-22" has been developed by the council by focusing on the things that will make life better for people in Leicestershire, including the partnerships needed to make these improvements happen.

Five strategic outcomes describe the council’s vision for people in the county:

  1. Strong Economy: Leicestershire’s economy is growing and resilient so that people and businesses can fulfil their potential.
  2. Wellbeing and Opportunity: The people of Leicestershire have the opportunities and support they need to take control of their health and wellbeing.
  3. Keeping People Safe: People in Leicestershire are safe and protected from harm.
  4. Great Communities: Leicestershire communities are thriving and integrated places where people help and support each other and take pride in their local area.
  5. Affordable and Quality Homes: Leicestershire has a choice of quality homes that people can afford.

The plan was adopted by the county council in July 2018.

Working together for the benefit of everyone:
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