The Strategic Plan

Sets out the council’s vision and priorities for the county and the organisation.

Leicestershire County Council’s refreshed Strategic Plan 2024-2026 sets out the Council’s long-term vision and priorities for the next two years.

The Council’s vision is based on five strategic outcomes that are aspirational.  They outline the end results that we want to see for Leicestershire.

For each outcome, specific aims set out what we will focus on achieving over the next four years, with corresponding actions. The actions in this Plan are not exhaustive and further detail on how the Council will deliver our priorities is set out in additional Council and partnership strategies.

The five strategic outcomes are:

  1. Clean and Green: the need to protect and enhance the environment and tackle climate change.
  2. Great Communities: Leicestershire to have active and inclusive communities in which people support each other and participate in service design and delivery
  3. Improved Opportunities: all children and young people get the best start for life and have the opportunities they need to fulfil their potential, regardless of their circumstances.
  4. Strong Economy, Transport and Infrastructure: use local innovation and skills to build a productive, inclusive and sustainable economy at the cutting edge of science, technology and engineering
  5. Safe and Well: ensuring that people are safe and protected from harm, live in a healthy environment and have the opportunities and support they need to live active, independent and fulfilling lives

The plan was adopted by the county council in March 2022.