Sharing your information

The council will only share your information where it is required to do so, for example where services are delivered jointly with other organisations. We’ll tell you who those other organisations are when we gather your information.

Where information is shared with other organisations or processed on our behalf, we’ll ensure adequate protection by putting contracts and sharing agreements in to place. These will define the data to be included, how it will be shared and how it will be protected.

We’ll not disclose personal information to third parties for marketing purposes or use personal data in a way that may cause unwarranted harm.

However there are circumstances where the council is legally required to share information:

  • to perform a statutory duty
  • where required by law
  • to detect or prevent fraud
  • to manage or audit use of public funds

Your data may be transferred outside the UK, for example, if we use a cloud service that has host servers located in another country. If your data is transferred outside of the European Union, it is done so under contract, which states how those companies must keep your data safe.