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The Leader of the Council

Nicholas Rushton is the Leader of the County Council

Image of Nick Rushton - Leader of Leicestershire County Council

Nicholas was first elected to public office in 1986 where he represented the Ivanhoe Ward on Ashby Town Council and on North West Leicestershire District Council. He has held a number of senior positions in these councils, including Lead Member for Development Control and Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee.

In 1989 Nicholas was elected to Leicestershire County Council serving until 1993, during which time he was Group Spokesman on the Social Services Committee.

In 2001, Nicholas was re-elected to Leicestershire County Council representing the Valley Division. Since then he has been a member of the ruling Cabinet - acting as Lead Member for Highways, Transportation and Waste Management (2005-2009) and Deputy Leader of the County Council. In 2010, he was given the Finance and Resources portfolio. 

Nicholas was elected as Leader of the County Council in 2012. He also serves on the General Assembly of the Local Government Association nationally, as well as being a County Council representative on the County Councils Network.

Outside of politics, Nicholas is married to Daniella and they have a teenage son, Bertie. Nicholas runs several very successful property companies based in Ashby-de-la-Zouch and runs Ashby Town’s thriving weekly market. 

Nicholas is a sports enthusiast, with a keen interest in skiing, swimming, motor bikes and is a dedicated fan of the Leicester Tigers.

The role of Leader

The Leader is a County Councillor who has been appointed to the position by the County Council and chairs the Cabinet meeting. He also represents the County Council on national and regional bodies.

He or she chooses which County Councillors make up the Cabinet.

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