The Cabinet

The Cabinet is made up of 10 members, including the Leader of the Council.

The Cabinet meets monthly and is responsible for the most important decisions affecting the council. It also makes recommendations to the council regarding the annual budget and major plans.

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The Leader acts as the Chairman of the Cabinet and chooses up to nine other members.

Each Cabinet member is given specific roles or responsibilities:

Cabinet member Role
Mr N. J. Rushton CC

Leader of the Council

Leadership of the Council locally, regionally and nationally
Growth and Infrastructure

Mrs D. Taylor CC

Deputy Leader of the Council

Children and Family Services (the designated lead member for children and young people)
Community Safety and Safeguarding
Regulatory Services
County Council representative on Police and Crime Panel

Mr P. Bedford CC

Recovery and Transformation
(See also note below regarding Resources. The portfolio includes responsibilities for Transformation previously within the Resources portfolio)

Mr L. Breckon JP CC Resources
(Functions of the Corporate Resources Department: finance, property, ICT and human resources, and the operational aspects of those functions. Where there are wider policy implications arising, particularly at a corporate level, in the case of property, ICT or human resources, responsibility transfers to the relevant lead member)
Mr O. O’Shea CC Highways, Transportation and Flooding
(This includes the flooding responsibilities of the Environment and Transport Department, and the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy)
Mr B. L. Pain CC

Environment and the Green Agenda
(Responsibility for waste management and disposal sits with this portfolio, as does the County planning function, the Environment Strategy and related strategies. Also see note above regarding Resources)

Mrs P. Posnett CC Community and Staff Relations
(Includes Broadband)
Mrs C. M. Radford CC Adults and Communities
Mrs L. Richardson CC Health
Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board
Mr R. Shepherd CC Support for Resources portfolio