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Alarms for falls

Alarms for falls - also known as ‘community alarms’ or ‘lifeline service’ - can help you if you’re assessed as having a high risk of falls.

Benefits of an alarm

Community alarms provide two facilities - an alert service and a mobile response service.

Alert Service

The alert service will contact:

  • a named person of your choice
  • the control centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (including bank holidays)

Mobile Response Service

If you don’t have anyone that can be alerted, a mobile response service will come out to:

  • a call if you require medical assistance
  • investigate a call if you don’t answer to a telephone call
  • an automated background call - eg if you have a mains electrical failure and you can’t be contacted.

There is a charge for this service and you would need to have a key safe fitted if we help to pay for your alarm.  We would arrange fitting the key safe for you.

Getting an alarm from us

The community alarm alert service is available if you’re over 18 years old and have been assessed as having a high risk of falls.

You can get an alarm installed in your home by contacting Adult Social Care who will refer you to the Assistive Technology Team for an assessment.  They’ll let you know if you can get any financial help towards the cost of an alarm.

Getting an alarm yourself

If you’d like to have an alarm fitted and pay for it yourself, you can contact Tunstall Home directly to arrange installation:

Tunstall Home
Telephone: 0330 123 3303

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