Personal budgets for disabled children and young people

A personal budget can be used to arrange and pay for some of the support agreed in a child or young person's Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan.

What is a personal budget

  • A pot of money which can be used to help support a child or young person with social care, health or educational needs.
  • It's based on an assessment of what help is needed, which is included as part of your child's or young person's Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan.
  • The amount you get can change as your child’s or young person's needs change.

Who can get a personal budget

  • a parent of a child and/or a young person aged 0 to 25 years who has an Education, Health and Care plan and
  • who lives in Leicestershire (not Leicester City)

A personal budget can be made up of any of the following 3 areas:


  • your child’s school has funding for special educational needs from the high needs funding made available to schools
  • only children and young people with the most severe and complex learning support needs will have their own personal education budget

Social care

A personal care budget may be made available if your child or you as a young person need additional support at home and when out and about in the local and wider community.

This may include:


A personal health budget may be available on its own or in addition to the other 2 budgets. Our personal health budget page has more information.

How you get the money

You can get the money as a:

  • direct payment
  • managed budget – where we hold the money and buy your care for you
  • third-party direct payment to a friend or relative or an organisation that runs a payment service
  • third-party direct payment to a care provider such as a home care agency – this is called a ‘provider managed account’
  • mix of direct payment, managed budget and third-party direct payment