Personal Transport Budgets

A Personal Transport Budget (PTB) is a payment to help you to get your child to school.


Personal Transport Budget allowance increased with effect from the 2022/23 academic year.

Why choose a personal transport budget (PTB)?

  • Freedom to make your own arrangements – to suit your family
  • Control over how the money is spent
  • Your child may feel more secure and relaxed at school
  • You can share the cost and save money by joining up with other parents
  • You could use the money to help your child become more independent

You could use your PTB in many ways:  

  • Drive your child to school yourself
  • Arrange for a friend or relative to cycle or walk with your child
  • Car share with other parents 
  • Get a bus pass for a friend to go with your child
  • Pay for a bus pass for your child 
  • Pay for childcare for another child – so you can take your eligible child to school
  • Work with the school to join up with other parents
  • Use it towards the cost of a taxi or share the cost of the taxi with other parents

How much is on offer?

Your personal payment will depend on the number of days travelling and the distance from home to school using the council's measuring software.

Use the table below to see an approximate indication of how much PTB you may be offered.

Transport required (days per week)
One-way distance from home to school Transport required 5 days per week Transport required less than 5 days per week
0 - 1.99 miles £1,060 £860
2 - 4.99 miles £1,590 £1,272
5 - 10.99 miles £3,180 £2,544
11 - 15.99 miles £4,240 £3,392
16+ miles £5,300 £4,240

Deductions for nursery and 16-18 year olds: There is an annual charge that is applicable to all non-statutory school age children eligible for transport assistance, including for PTBs.

If your child is 16-18 years old or attending nursery, an annual charge of £660 (or £330 for low income families) will be deducted from the amounts shown in the table above, including for those attending part-time.

How it works

  • The money we’ve agreed will be paid each month directly into a bank account that you nominate.
  • You must spend the money in a way that ensures your child can get to school.
  • You can’t use the money to buy space on transport services from us.
  • You’ll need to tell us if your circumstances change or if your child is off school for more than a few days.
  • We’ll review your budget if your child’s attendance drops or if there are any concerns raised by the school regarding regular lateness or the travel arrangements.
  • We’ll be in touch to review your arrangements, if there are any changes to the law or our policies.

Who needs to apply

Nursery aged children and Post 16 students need to apply for a PTB for each academic year.

School age children (5-15 year olds) don't need to apply every year, unless one of the following applies:

  • You're applying for a PTB for the first time
  • You currently have a PTB and are changing address, or school or school campus/site
  • You're currently receiving Council-organised Transport (COT) and would like to change to a PTB

We have explained the PTB scheme in more detail in our information leaflet.

Further information and to apply

If you are interested in a PTB, more information and the online School Transport Application form are on the School Transport - Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) page.

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