Net Zero Leicestershire strategy, action plan and reports

Read more about our commitment and progress in achieving Net Zero Leicestershire from the Net Zero roadmap, Net Zero Leicestershire strategy and action plan, consultation, 2030 Net Zero Council action plan and greenhouse gas report.

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Net Zero action plan and consultation summary

Net Zero roadmap  

The Council commissioned a study to explore the emissions associated with activities across Leicestershire and the possible impact of different decarbonisation interventions.  

The study was intended to inform the future development of coordinated climate action by all citizens, businesses, public authorities and other stakeholders across Leicestershire. 

The conclusions drawn from this research were: 

  • The net zero carbon 2045 target for Leicestershire cannot be delivered by the council working alone - we need a team effort and we’re driving this forward by encouraging our residents and businesses to help shape a cleaner, greener future for the county, and for future generations.   
  • The pathway to net zero is challenging but feasible if all available policy levers are employed at pace and scale.  
  • Investment will be required from all sectors but there are benefits to be accrued for the economy, society, and the environment if the transition is just and fair. 
  • Net zero should be progressed within the context of other environment objectives to enhance biodiversity and provide resilience.  
  • Carbon capture and storage should be built into plans but not relied upon, with offsetting carbon used as the last resort. 

Find out more about the Net Zero carbon roadmap, which informed the Net Zero Leicestershire strategy and the Net Zero Leicestershire action plan. 

Net Zero Leicestershire strategy and action plan  

The Net Zero strategy sets out the approach to delivering the council’s ambitions to work with others to achieve net zero carbon emissions in Leicestershire by 2045 or before.  

The strategy is accompanied with an action plan which demonstrates the actions the council will lead on and those where we will ask and influence others to deliver action, including Leicestershire businesses, organisations, and residents and national government over the next 5 years. 

Actions for net zero are identified in six key areas within the plan:  

  • Transport - To deliver low-carbon, affordable transport choices for all 
  • Building and energy - To reduce demand for energy, support the switch to low carbon energy and heat, and increase renewable energy generation 
  • Resources and waste - To support the transition to a circular economy including the sustainable extraction, use and end of life management of natural resources 
  • Business and economy - To help businesses to “go green”, grow the County’s low carbon economy and increase demand for low carbon goods and services 
  • Community - To inform, engage and involve residents and communities in identifying and delivering local solutions to achieve net zero carbon 
  • Nature and land use - To develop a growing and resilient network of land and water that is richer in plants and wildlife, optimises carbon storage and supports climate resilience 

Net Zero consultation  

Over 1400 residents and stakeholders took part in a 12-week consultation from 4 May to 26 July 2022, inviting residents, councils, businesses, and others across the county to have their say on the council’s draft Net Zero strategy and action plan.

The outcome of the Net Zero consultation has been used to shape the final Net Zero strategy and action plan. 


For further information about the Net Zero consultation, please visit our ‘You Said We Did’ webpages

The consultation is now closed; but you can still get in touch with us via to share your ideas about how we can achieve Net Zero Leicestershire.