Transport choices to reduce your carbon footprint

Changing your travel habits can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and is also one of the biggest climate decisions we face on a daily basis.

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Active travel  


Engage in active travel such as walking, cycling and public transport instead of driving.

Not only does this result in less cars on the road, but it improves physical and mental health and better air quality.

Cycling and walking  

In Leicestershire, cycling and walking levels are lower than the national average despite the associated benefits.  


Check out our cycling and walking page to find out about where to go walking and cycling in Leicestershire, as well as available cycle training.  

Read our Cycle and walking strategy to find out what we’re doing to make walking and cycling safe and accessible and ultimately help deliver healthier, greener communities. 

Choose How You Move   

Need help getting around? Choose how you move offers a one-stop shop for travel information within Leicestershire with an integrated journey planner that allows residents and visitors to explore the different travel options available to them including opportunities for car sharing.  

If driving is unavoidable


Some useful tips to reduce fuel use are: 

  • switching off the engine when parked 
  • driving smoothly 
  • avoiding unnecessary braking and acceleration as this increased fuel use, and 
  • combined errands to make fewer trips

Go Electric 

To help us decarbonise transport and contribute to our net zero ambitions for the county, we're keen to support residents in switching to electric vehicles (EVs).


For more information about electric vehicles, including charging points, visit our Electric vehicles (EV) page.