Report a problem with a tree

You can report a problem with a tree if it is causing an obstruction or danger to road users or pedestrians or is damaging property

The council isn’t responsible for trees in private gardens or on privately owned land.  The responsibility lies with the owner of the land on which the tree is growing.

We maintain trees on roadside verges, roundabouts, pavements and land we own in Leicestershire.

The district and borough councils maintain trees on land they own. Contact them directly to report a problem with a tree on their land.

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We inspect our trees every 3 years to ensure they are safe and not causing damage. We look for:

  • signs of instability
  • weakness to the tree’s structure
  • disease and/or poor health
  • obstructions to road access or visibility
  • root damage to walls, road surfaces and pavements
  • interference with service cables /overhead wires

Any preventative works we identify from inspections are included on our tree maintenance programme.

Contact us if you think one of our trees is unsafe or has one of these problems. We will do a one-off inspection and where appropriate arrange maintenance work.

Leicestershire County Council and highway trees
Phone: 0116 305 0001 or Customer Services online contact form

Trees on school sites only
Phone: 0116 305 5000

You can also report a road problem if it is caused by a tree.

We don’t sort out problems caused by trees, such as:

  • falling leaves, fruits, seeds and sap
  • light and shading
  • branches hanging into your garden
  • pollen and allergies
  • honeydew deposits (produced by aphids feeding on the leaves of trees)
  • roosting birds and droppings
  • interference with television reception, telephones and solar panels

Tree preservation orders

Some trees are protected by tree preservation orders (TPOs) or because they are in a conservation area. 

You need permission before any works are carried out to a protected tree.

You may be liable to a fine of up to £20,000 if a protected tree is lopped, cut or pruned without permission.

Apply for permission to work on a protected tree  

We advise any work to trees is done by a qualified and insured tree worker. See a list of contractors approved by the Arboricultural Association.