Tree charter and our tree management strategy

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Strategic tree management

The Value of Trees

In recognition of the benefits they offer for communities and wildlife, we have produced a Value of Trees toolkit that aims to help reverse the decline of highway trees and hedgerows, which have suffered from the impacts of pests and diseases such as Ash Dieback.

The work was commissioned by the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT) and funded by the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund and provides guidance on:

  • how to select the right tree species for specific locations
  • information about the monetary value of different tree species in terms of the ecosystem services they provide (carbon storage and sequestration, managing flooding and air pollution)
  • life cycle costs of trees (the cost of looking after trees over their lifetime)
  • and best practice guidance on how to procure, plant and maintain trees so that they thrive

We're starting the process of testing this toolkit on a live planting scheme and seeking further feedback on the approach and how it can be applied within local authorities and other organisations nationally.

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Tree Charter 

We have joined forces with our friends at the National Forest in signing up to the Tree Charter, which sets out our intent to continue preserving and enhancing our trees and woodlands for the benefit and enjoyment of county residents and visitors.  

The county council currently manages around 321,000 trees (including 404 hectares of woodland), but with diseases such as Ash Dieback placing more trees under threat, the authority’s strategy and action plan, adopted in May 2020, will see the number of trees across the county increase dramatically – with the ultimate aim of planting 700,000 trees – one for every person in the county. 

Read our Tree Charter and find out how we will approach this challenge together.


The Leicestershire Tree Charter is a statement of intent, our commitment towards ensuring a safer and securer future for residents of the National Forest and Leicestershire.


Tree management strategy 

Our current strategy for managing our trees and woodlands takes us up to 2025. It forms an important part of our approach to carbon reduction and our net zero ambitions (to be a carbon neutral county by 2045).  

The strategy also recognises the potential impact of significant diseases such as Ash Dieback, highlighting the action needed to minimise the effects on the county’s trees. 

Read about our strategy: