Where you can take business or commercial waste

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As a business or commercial organisation you are legally required to dispose of your waste responsibly. This is part of your duty of care.

There are a number of ways to dispose of commercial waste:

  • use a trade waste service provided by your district council
  • use a licensed waste contractor
  • take your waste to a waste transfer station
  • hire a skip

The Right Waste Right Place campaign gives advice to small businesses and establishments on meeting their Duty of Care obligations as practically as possible, to ensure their waste is properly disposed of.


Waste upholstered domestic seating

We are currently unable to accept any upholstered domestic seating at our Whetstone Waste Transfer Station. This includes (but not necessarily limited to) any furniture item with cushioning and padding, such as: 

  • sofas, settees, sofa beds, dining/office style chairs, futons, pouffes, floor and seating cushions and beanbags etc.

Whetstone Transfer Station

You can take some types of business and commercial waste to the Whetstone Transfer Station. As a trade user you must report to the weighbridge when you arrive.

  • We do not accept asbestos, car parts or plasterboard at the waste transfer station
  • We do not accept cash or cheque payments - credit and debit cards only
  • Traders must have the following: Environment Agency Waste Carriers Licence (Current), PPE (Hi-Viz), Safety Boots etc..

Register or renew as a waste carrier, broker or dealer 

Opening hours


The Whetstone site is now back open as normal and accepting trade waste.

Closed every bank holiday with the exception of Good Friday

Monday - Friday: 7.45am - 5.00pm – last admittance 4.40pm
Saturday: Closed

Monday 1 July – this site will close for the day at 14:30 to enable staff to attend a briefing.

Whetstone Transfer Station is located next to Whetstone Recycling and Household Waste Site.

Trade waste accounts

You can now apply for a trade waste account online. You will need:

  • to upload a copy of your current waste carriers licence
  • to provide two trade references that your company has a credit account with
  • to complete all sections of the application form.

Once all checks have been carried out you will be notified if your application for a trade account has been approved.

You do not require an account in order to use the Whetstone Weighbridge, you can pay by credit or debit card - we do not accept cash or cheque payments.

Apply for a trade waste account

Charges for disposing waste

There has been some increase in our prices. This is due to the removal of red diesel (which affects both our waste transfer station and end destinations), high inflation on white diesel, higher vehicle and plant costs and the national insurance rise – in addition to the usual landfill tax increases. We'll keep these under review to ensure they remain both sustainable and cost effective.

There is a minimum charge of £28.50 + VAT (£34.20 including VAT) for disposing of waste.

If you are disposing waste which weighs a full tonne, you will be charged the rate per tonne for that particular waste.

If the waste weighs less than a tonne you will either pay a proportion of the charge or the minimum charge, whichever is greater.

Charges vary for different types of waste.

Asbestos, explosives and radioactive waste is not accepted.

General Waste

General waste is any non-hazardous waste (no plasterboard included), which hasn’t been sorted and therefore contains mixed types of waste.

Minimum charge £28.50 + VAT (£34.20)

From 1 April 2024 the price per tonne is £152.50 + VAT (£183)


Source separated - no mixed loads.

Minimum charge     £28.50 + VAT (£34.20)

Per tonne               £62 + VAT (£74.40)

Green Waste

No mixed loads - loads containing large volumes of soil and/or large root balls need to be presented separately as general waste.

Minimum charge     £28.50 + VAT (£34.20)

Per tonne                £59 + VAT (£70.80)

Inert Waste

Source separated - no mixed loads, no plasterboard or hazardous waste

Inert waste includes building (demolition) waste, hardcore, rubble, concrete, gravel, sand, and stone.

Minimum charge     £28.50 + VAT (£34.20)

Per tonne               £38 + VAT (£45.60)

Plasterboard, asbestos, plastics and organics are not accepted as inert waste.


Source clean and separated - no mixed loads.

Minimum charge (up to 160kg) £4 + VAT (£4.80)

Per tonne is £4 + VAT (£4.80)

Loads above 1 tonne need to be pre-booked (please contact us on 0116 305 3774)

Fridges (per unit)

Commercial type fridges/freezers are not accepted

£42.00 + VAT (£50.40) (Inclusive of consignment note charge which the customer must provide)

Tumble dryers (containing heat pumps)

£42.00 + VAT (£50.40) - Customers must provide a consignment note, as per EWC Code 20 01 23 requirements for hazardous material.


Minimum charge (1 unit) £32.50 + VAT (£39.00) (Inclusive of consignment note charge which the customer must provide)

Multiple units £19.58 each + VAT (£23.50) (Inclusive of consignment note charge which the customer must provide)

Waste requiring specialist treatment

This includes waste which is difficult to handle, but not hazardous waste.

Please contact us on the number provided below to discuss and agree a rate.

Contact us if you think your waste requires specialist treatment on site before it can be disposed, as it may need to be pre-booked.

It's at the discretion of Leicestershire County Council whether or not to accept waste which requires specialist treatment.

Telephone: 0116 305 3774

Weighbridge Charges (per weighing)

0 to 5 tonnes £4.58 + VAT (£5.50)

5 to 30 tonnes £7.50 + VAT (£9.00)

30 + tonnes £10.50 + VAT (£12.60)


It is at the discretion of Leicestershire County Council whether or not to accept food waste. If accepted, it:

  • must be separately collected
  • must be non-hazardous food waste

Please contact us on 0116 305 3774 to discuss, and agree a rate.

Street Sweepings

From 1 April 2024

Minimum charge:  £28.50 + VAT (£34,20)

Street sweepings, per tonne: £65 + VAT (£78)

Making payment


Change to payment method

Please note: We do not accept cash or cheque payments at the Whetstone Transfer Station weighbridge.

Payment can only be made via a valid debit/credit card or on an approved trade account with available credit Apply for a trade waste account.