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Cosby Primary School Pre-School

We firmly believe in the importance of early years education and provide a fun, inspiring, play-based curriculum where children will learn at their own pace in a relaxed and nurturing, purpose-built environment. As part of the Early Years Foundation Stage, we learn through play and first-hand experiences and work hard to cater for every child's individual learning style. We have high expectations of everyone in our Nursery Class and believe that by working together in partnership with parents and carers we can help children to become confident, independent thinkers, learners and problem-solvers. Parents and carers are always welcome and we always endeavour to make communication as easy and effective as possible. We are always available to answer any queries and to keep you informed of your child's progress throughout the year. We try to involve parents as much as possible and adults are welcome to Stay and Play for the first 15 minutes of each session.
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