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Mental Health Friendly Places (MHFP)

Have your say on the Mental Health Friendly Places project across Leicestershire and Rutland.

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This engagement runs from 6 July16 August 2022

The Mental Health Friendly Places project (MHFP) is part of the suicide prevention programme for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

The aim of the project is to improve the mental wellbeing of people living in Leicestershire and Rutland through the creation of mental health friendly Places. The project consists of 3 tiers of support - Places, Communities and Neighbourhoods, as well as a digital offer. 


Trusted community places (community hubs, small businesses, etc) will help to raise awareness by displaying a Start a Conversation and MH Friendly Place poster. This will have a QR code which leads to self-help information. They will agree to complete the Zero Suicide Alliance online training and commit to pledge to action and share information by Starting a Conversation. 


Links both individual venues and larger organisations from all sectors, to increase activity and create a local network. They will increase awareness and understanding and have access to additional training and resources. They will commit to the pledge to action and complete suicide prevention training. They will also agree to help us showcase activity and contribute to learning for other areas.


This will link local councils, organisations and venues that would like to build a coordinated local network. They will improve suicide prevention activity within their wider community, increase awareness, access additional training. They will commit to the pledge to action and suicide prevention training and agree to deliver a set number of trainings in their community. 


We're also looking to develop a Digital Hub which will allow Places, Communities and Neighbourhoods to register and share support. As well as an online Digital Pathway to help us find these local connections and formal mental health support.

Who can get involved?

The project will seek to involve community and voluntary organisations, local businesses, schools and Primary Care Network (PCN) partnerships, and fit into the systems currently provided by the NHS, local authority partners. 

What can you do?

To help us understand how this project might work, we will be asking for support from the community and wider stakeholders through an engagement exercise, and a pilot.

A proposed outline for the project has been created which you can read about in the summary documentation:

MHFP project summary  Opens new window

Let us know your views

Our public engagement exercise is taking place from 6 July to 16 August, seeking views about the mental health friendly places scheme. Feedback from this engagement will be incorporated into the pilot programme.

Have your say on the draft scheme: 

Complete the online survey

Alternative formats

If you’re able to, please complete this survey online using the link above. For paper copies of the survey or for any other questions, please email or call 0116 305 0705.

The closing date to complete the engagement survey is 16 August 2022.

What happens next?

After the survey closes in August, we will analyse the results and share with residents in late autumn.

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