Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Find out about the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy and our priorities for Leicestershire.

Leicestershire Health and Wellbeing Strategy

The Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy sets out how partners will work together to allow everyone across Leicestershire the best opportunity to live long, good quality and happy lives.

It is a 10-year strategy that will be reviewed every 3 years to reflect the changing health and wellbeing needs of the people of Leicestershire. 

These needs are identified in the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and help to identify what actions need to be taken.

Chair of the Board introduces the Board and its Strategy

Louise Richardson, Chair of Leicestershire's Health and Wellbeing Board introduces the purpose of of the Board and its Joint Strategy:

Strategy aims

The strategy aims to:

  • take a person centred approach - where services are adapted to the individuals' needs, rather than one size fits all.
  • embed prevention in all we do - to improve longer term health and reduce costs across the system.
  • enable independence and self care - to prevent chronic conditions from getting worse.
  • ensure equal access to services, regardless of need - to reduce health inequality.
  • prioritise mental and physical health equally
  • support the population through the covid-19 pandemic recovery
  • ensure the 4 phases (aware, sensitive, responsive, informed) of trauma informed practice are carefully considered through the delivery of services.

A life course approach

A life course approach has been used to:

  • identify high level strategic, multi-organisational priorities, and
  • provide clear accountability to the Leicestershire Health and Wellbeing Board.

The four life courses include: 

  1. Best start for life -  pre-natal to 19 years, or to 25 years for special educational needs
  2. Staying healthy, safe and well - 19 years or 25 years plus
  3. Living and supported well -  older people and those with health needs
  4. Dying well - end of life

The strategy sets out where we are now, what success looks like, and our commitments to Leicestershire.

For more details on the priorities within each of the life courses you can read the Leicestershire Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy in full, or as a summary.

Read the strategy

We also have the strategy in easy read: