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Leicestershire LGPS joint administration and communication strategy

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An administration strategy, as allowed for by the Local Government Pension Scheme, is seen as one of the tools which can help in delivering a high quality administration service to the scheme member and other interested parties.

Delivery of a high quality administration service is not the responsibility of one person or organisation, but is rather the joint working of a number of different parties.

This is the pension administration strategy statement of the Leicestershire County Council Pension Fund (LCCPF), administered by Leicestershire County Council (the administering authority). Employers in the Leicestershire Pension Fund have been consulted on regarding this document.

The strategy statement sets out the quality and performance standards expected of Leicestershire County Council in its role of administering authority and scheme employer, as well as all other scheme employers within the Leicestershire Fund. It seeks to promote good working relationships, improve efficiency and enforce quality amongst the scheme employers and the administering authority.

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