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What is the process when a death in service occurs?

If an employee dies in service, the Pension Section should be notified immediately by telephone or e-mail.

If a representative is to visit the family, we will also require a copy (photocopies preferred) of the death certificate.  If there is a spouse, copies of the Marriage certificate or Civil Partnership registration and their Birth Certificate are also required.  We also require a note of their National Insurance number.

If there is an unmarried partner, then please let us have their full name and date of birth, and the Pension Section will write to them with full details of the definition of partner in the scheme so that they can see if they qualify for a pension, as a pension could be payable, however entitlement is not automatic.

If there are children under age 18 or in continuous full time education up to age 23, or there are children who are dependent due to a disability, we will also require copies of their birth certificate to establish their eligibility to a pension benefit.  The Pension Section may well write for further documents in due course, such as confirmation from the school or college that the child is attending.

If it is not appropriate at the time, please supply the Pension Section with as many details as you have, and the Pension Section will write requesting the necessary information.

If there is not to be a home visit, or if there is no known family, then please advise the Pension Section of the name and address of the informant, or the representative of the deceased, in order that contact can be made directly with them.

Are there any forms to complete in respect of the death cover the scheme provides?

A member should complete and keep up to date the Death Grant Expression of Wish form. This is because there is a lump sum payable in the event of a scheme member’s death, and this allows the member to tell us of the identity of their beneficiaries.
Please note that a member can check whether the Pension Section holds details of any nominees as this is referred to on their annual pension benefit statement.

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