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Pensions complaints, estimates and presentations

What's the (Complaints) Internal Disputes Resolution Procedure (IDRP)?

In the unlikely event of a complaint, the individual should contact the Pensions Section, where the Manager and staff will seek to clarify or put right any misunderstandings. 

Should a person still be dissatisfied with any decision, then they will be provided with a leaflet and a complaint form, marked with the name and address of that employers own ‘specified person’ (known as the Stage 1 appeal).  

The complaint must be directed to the ‘specified person’ within 6 months of the notification of the disputed decision, who will consider the case.  If the individual remains dissatisfied with the decision made at Stage 1, then within 6 months of that decision the individual may apply to Leicestershire County Council to have the decision re-considered (known as the Stage 2 appeal).

How do I request an estimate for an employee?

Any information relating to the member’s own pension will not be passed to a third party without their written authorisation.

Should you wish a statement to be sent direct to the member, please e-mail the Pension Section with the request confirming the current home address, the expected date of retirement, and the reason for leaving.  If you work for an employer who does not have their payroll based at County Hall, you will also need to supply us with a pensionable pay figure for the member.  This information can be obtained from your own payroll office.

Please allow at least 4-6 weeks for a reply.

Members who have registered for the online system can access information online to help them plan for their retirement.

How do I arrange a presentation on pension issues?

Pensions Staff are available to speak at presentations on the following topics:

  • General overview of the Scheme
  • Information for Non scheme members
  • Groups of scheme members who are affected by a specific set of circumstances e.g. redundancy

Groups of at least 20 are requested.

Please contact the Pensions Team 

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