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Contacting the Pension Section

Please make sure that you have your National Insurance number available and remember to quote it, along with your full name and date of birth on all correspondence.

Contacting the Pensions Team directly


Post: The Leicestershire County Council Pension Section, County Hall, Glenfield, Leicester, LE3 8RB.

If you’ve received a letter from a member of the Pensions Team, their name, direct telephone number and email address will be included on the letter.

By phone: Phones are covered from 8.30am – 5pm Monday to Thursday, and 8.30am – 4.30pm on Friday.

To protect your personal information the Pension Section will ask you a number of security questions. If you want someone else to telephone on your behalf you will need to confirm this to the Pension Section during the phone call. The Pension Section will not provide any personal data to another party without your prior approval.

If you're calling about:

  • claiming your Pension or thinking about retirement
  • you're an LGPS member and are taking redundancy
  • ill Health retirement
  • any enquiry relating to your pension benefits
  • notifying us of a death
  • requesting pension information in relation to divorce proceedings
  • transferring your pension to or from another pension scheme or LGPS pension fund
  • claiming a refund of your pension contributions
  • further information about your annual allowance or lifetime allowance

Phone: 0116 305 4000

If you're calling about:

  • joining or have recently joined the LGPS
  • increasing your pension contributions
  • combining your previous Leicestershire LGPS membership with your current membership
  • any other queries about the LGPS

Phone: 0116 305 7886

If your enquiry is about a Firefighters’ pension, you will need to contact the Fire Pensions Team.

Online pensions service

The online service can tell you the current value of your pension or predict a future value, you can also see your annual statement too.

The benefits projector can show what effect different retirement dates could have on your pension.

Online Pensions service

We will only provide a written forecast if you need an estimate for a reason which is not covered by the calculator, i.e. redundancy or you are planning to retire in the next 12 months. If you are thinking about taking Flexible Retirement (FR) you’ll need to contact your employer first, as all FR estimate requests must come through them. The Pension Section does not provide ill health benefits under any circumstances until the tier awarded by the employer is known. 

Telephone: 0116 305 7886

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