Family learning and wellbeing

Multiply is offering a range of workshops and courses to help you understand maths in everyday life, including helping children with homework or making more sense of facts and figures in the media.

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Our courses are ideal for families, parents, carers, and grandparents who need to improve their numeracy skills to be more confident in their everyday lives.

Cook, Meet and Eat

Sign up for our free cooking course and learn about different ways to reduce food costs, produce a meal each week to take home, and get free gifts for your attendance.

To enrol, please ring our FREE phone 0800 988 0308 and quote the course name or code, or use the enquiry form on the GoLearn website

Healthy Cooking on a Budget

Learn how to create budget worthy dishes which will include meat, vegetarian, and sweet dishes. Furthermore, you will learn that cooking at home can be less expensive than eating out or buying readymade meals, allowing you to make healthier choices, spend quality time with family, improve your own wellbeing, and try new techniques including recipes and ingredients.

To enrol, please ring our FREE phone 0800 988 0308 and quote the course name or code, or use the enquiry form on the GoLearn website

Save, Taste, Zero Waste

Find out how to reduce your food costs by doing a taste test cost comparison, sharing money saving tips and learning how to reduce your food waste.

We are currently developing courses. Please see all the available Multiply courses on the GoLearn website

Community and further education providers

Leicestershire County Council has partnered with a number of different providers to deliver Multiply. Please follow the links below to find out more about what they offer and how you can access the different opportunities to improve your number confidence and skills.

  • Forever Savvy - support for adults with learning difficulties to enhance their skills for living
  • Helping Hands - overcome anxiety with numbers with practical support around family budgets
  • Home Start - gain confidence using numbers with family courses around healthy eating and wellbeing
  • The Marlene Reid Centre - support for parents to plan, budget, and prepare family meals
  • Rural Community Council - support with everyday maths, homework, and understanding money
  • Think FC - practical support with monthly budgets, mortgages, pensions, employment and more