Health and wellbeing of our staff

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We are committed to creating a working environment which is both safe and fosters the best possible health and wellbeing for all our employees. Our employees are encouraged and enabled to make healthy lifestyle choices to improve their wellbeing both inside and outside of work.

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As an organisation, we recognise that our staff are our greatest assets and as such we will provide a range of opportunities, interventions and support to staff, to drive the development of a happy, healthy and motivated workforce.

In 2018, we were proud to make a pledge to mental health charity, Time to Change, outlining our commitment to making staff feel comfortable when discussing mental health in the workplace.

The council is also recognized as a ‘Mindful Employer’, a UK wide initiative that provides employers with expert guidance on how to take the lead in supporting the mental wellbeing of staff.

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Work-Life balance

We know that people enjoy work more and are more productive if we can support them to achieve some balance. One of our values is flexibility - we’re flexible, and we expect our people to be flexible too. We aim to equip our staff with the technology they need to be able to work when, where and how they need to.

We are accredited by the Happy to Talk Flexible Working - this means that we are committed to embedding and promoting the use of flexible working and ensuring that it plays a key part in how we recruit and manage our employees.

Helping our employees to make the best use of technology that supports flexible working arrangements is another important aspect of our work-life balance offering. Without impacting our ability to deliver key customer-focussed services, enabling our employees to work smarter is essential to the successful transformation of the council.

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Our employees have a wide variety of activities and services available that will help their physical and mental wellbeing. These include:

  • Joining one of our many sports clubs
  • Supporting staff to walk and cycle to work
  • Access to mental health support
  • Advice on stopping smoking and dealing with substance abuse
  • Help with managing stress
  • Financial advice
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Menopause awareness training – We are driving change around the awareness of menopause

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