Working in Environment and Transport

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Our Environment and Transport department offers some exciting opportunities, involving some of the most widely used services by residents in Leicestershire. These services offer major benefits to residents both now and for future generations, so if you are looking to make a real difference, we have a lot that will interest you.

From dealing with a wide range of environmental issues to sustainable transport, traffic safety, design and the maintenance of highways, we have a wide range of important and interesting roles.

Meet our colleagues


I work on campaigns and initiatives to reduce waste and encourage recycling throughout Leicestershire. I work closely with our volunteers to communicate these messages to residents at various events and talks throughout the county. Some of the areas I work on include waste education, volunteer and event coordination and our SHIRE environment grant scheme. I find it rewarding to know that the behaviour change messages I am communicating are having a positive impact on our environment.


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More about us

Our Aims

We actively work with other authorities and agencies on national, regional and sub regional initiatives that enable wider benefits for Leicestershire and access to additional funding. With this comes exciting job and career opportunities that truly make a difference in Leicestershire both today and for future generations.

Our Services

  • Waste and recycling. We currently have over 14 recycling and household waste sites with over 1.6m visitors a year
  • Development of waste, environment and transport policies
  • Landscape design
  • Maintaining over 2,500 miles of roads across the county
  • Operate a fleet of over 300 vehicles
  • School crossing patrol services
  • School and special educational needs transportation
  • Parking permits

Our Job roles

  • Site operations and facility management
  • Contract management
  • Highways/structural engineering
  • Data modelling
  • Transport planning
  • Administration
  • Project management
  • Drivers (including HGV)