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We are taking the necessary immediate and longer-term steps to support and protect residents, staff and partners. Our focus is on keeping critical services running, particularly those supporting vulnerable people.

Find out more about the support and guidance available, and any changes to our services.

Advice and support on Coronavirus (Covid-19) 

Working in Heritage, Communities and Parks

Heritage and Communities consists of Adult Learning – Museums – Libraries

Our heritage, libraries, leisure and learning services provide a mix of opportunities for people.

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Each year our leisure facilities attract over one million visits as well as 5,000 learners to our adult learning services. 

Making a difference to the people of Leicestershire

Watch how our adult learning service, GO Learn had a positive impact on Leicestershire resident, Chrissie.

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More about our heritage, leisure and learning services

What we do

We bring communities together to share in cultural activities, connect through learning, understand local cultures and heritage, and inspire individuals and groups across the county to achieve their potential.

Our aims

To enhance the wellbeing of the people of Leicestershire through providing access to a range of cultural services.

Our services

Libraries (including home and digital services)

Parks and outdoor activities

History and Heritage

Adult learning

Community protection

Record Office

Creative learning services  

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Are you?


Happy to talk to strangers

Enjoy working with the community

Get a buzz out of supporting young people

Love sharing your knowledge with groups of people

Do you have?

Digital skills

Experience in customer care

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