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Country parks car parking season ticket

Regular visitors save money on parking charges, by using a season ticket

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You won't have to pay daily parking charges if you're a season ticket holder.

However, pay on the day parking may apply on special event days for season ticket holders.

Where you can use the season ticket

  • Beacon Hill Country Park (Upper and Lower car parks)
  • Market Bosworth Country Park
  • Watermead Country Park (North)
  • Bosworth Battlefield Museum and Country Park
  • Broombriggs Farm and Windmill Hill
  • Burrough Hill Country Park
  • Shenton Station
  • Snibston Colliery Park


  • New, first year season ticket, £70
  • New, first year blue badge season ticket, £30 (1 year), £70 (3 years)
  • Renewal, second year onwards season ticket, £60
  • Renewal, second year onwards blue badge season ticket, £20 (1 year), £60 (3 years)

Apply online

You can apply for a country parks car parking season ticket online:

You’ll need the following:

  • Vehicle(s) registration number(s)
  • Blue badge number (if applicable)
  • Existing season ticket number (if renewing)
  • Your card details to make payment

Apply online  


    If your season ticket has been lost or stolen, you can order a replacement at a cost of £10.

    You’ll need the following

    • Your existing season ticket number
    • Your blue badge number (if applicable)
    • Your card details to make the payment.

    Apply online  


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