Snibston Park

Building opportunities, making memories

Leicestershire County Council is planning the next chapter in Snibston’s rich history.

We have bold plans to redevelop the park at Snibston, making it an asset for the community which is rooted in the site’s mining heritage and looking forward to the opportunities for the future.


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Planned improvements at Snibston

Exciting things are planned for the Snibston site. We’re reconnecting it to the town of Coalville through improved access from the main road and better cycle paths. 

Snibston will be a place to explore, play, visit, meet and create.

We’re planning:

  • A new heritage trail
  • Improvements to the country park with woodland planting
  • Facilities to bring the story of coal mining and Coalville history to life, working with the Snibston Heritage Group
  • A play area, open space and picnic site
  • Cycle routes and mountain bike trails
  • A new modern, eco-friendly café 
  • Outdoor seating
  • New facilities at the Century Theatre, with a Changing Places toilet, showers and offices
  • Parking for 110 – including electric car charging

Our planned works are underway and we’re expecting to complete in phases through 2020.

The project is being led by Leicestershire County Council.  We’re working closely with colleagues at North West Leicestershire District Council and the Snibston Heritage Group.

The Heritage Group is actively developing exhibitions, interpretation, visitor access and events at Snibston.


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