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Council plans for growth in population and economy

Growth jobs homes infrastucture

We're highlighting the need to ensure that growth in the County’s economy and the scale of new housing planned are matched by new roads, schools, transport and other infrastructure needed to support development.  

A council report, published last week, shows these are estimated to cost £600m over the next 25 years. It recommends continuing to press the Government for adequate funding, drawing up cost-sharing agreements with district councils and establishing a new team to coordinate activity.

An ageing population and a rise in single-occupancy homes mean that Leicestershire, like other areas, is expanding. We are also the victims of our own success. Leicestershire is a popular place to live and set up business.

That’s why we’re planning for the future. Supporting communities is at the heart of this. And importantly, we’re working hard with partners to shape locations for new homes and businesses and ensure roads and community facilities are in the right place at the right time.

These demands come at a time when our budgets are exceedingly stretched. And currently, our capital pot has a funding gap of £58m. We’re investing scant resource to make sure new roads and schools come on stream but other investment is needed from districts and developers. Supporting residents is essential and we need the right level of funding to make sure new communities have the right facilities.

We hope that current discussions with Melton Borough Council about a cost-sharing agreement between the County Council and the Borough Council in respect of the costs of building the Melton Mowbray Distributor Road and providing necessary schools in line with Melton’s new housing and population growth can be an example for the future.”

Leicestershire’s population is projected to rise to 787,500 by 2041 – an increase of 107,000 (16 per cent) from 2016.

Just under 200,000 new homes are set to be built in the city and county by 2050.

The new team is due to cost around £500,000 a year and would help coordinate the County Council’s role in supporting and delivering growth. It would also help to secure millions of pounds of from the Government and developers to support infrastructure - costs which would otherwise fall on the local tax-payer.

The report will be discussed by the council’s cabinet this Friday (24 May) – watch the meeting online


The County Council has bought land near Lutterworth to create 2,750 new homes, community facilities and business space near Lutterworth.

The proposed 550-acre development includes around 1,000 affordable homes, over 100 hectares of green space, two new primary schools and would generate 2,500 jobs.

This brings in millions of pounds of income for the County Council and also ensures the development is built to the highest environmental and ecological standards.

A planning application has been submitted to Harborough District Council.



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