Register a birth

Birth Registrations are offered by appointment only.

Please call 0116 305 6565 to make an appointment if your baby was born in the County of Leicestershire (not including the City of Leicester).

From 1 November 2023, we can no longer legally register births for county residents who have given birth in the City of Leicester. Unfortunately, that agreement has now been withdrawn, so we can no longer offer this service. If your baby was born in the City of Leicester, please request an appointment with the Leicester City Registrars. Alternatively, please call them on 0116 454 1000.

If you live in the County of Leicestershire, your baby was born elsewhere and you cannot travel, we can offer an appointment where we take all of the information and then forward that to the relevant district for them to register. These appointments are limited, so it may be quicker to make an appointment in the district where the baby was born.

If you live outside of Leicestershire (including the City) and your baby was born outside of Leicestershire, you need to contact the district where the baby was born for an appointment.