Kathy encourages others to offer young adults a place to thrive

Supported lodgings offer over 16s spare rooms in safe and supportive homes to help them become independent adults

Young man and older man work on a bike

A woman who opened-up her home to young adults in need of a place to live is encouraging others to join her in becoming a ‘supported lodgings’ host.

Kathy Campbell will be sharing her experiences at a special virtual information event on Tuesday, 20 February.

She’s backing a Leicestershire County Council campaign to recruit individuals or families to offer over 16s spare rooms in safe and supportive homes to help them become independent adults.

Kathy and her husband Arthur have been Supported Lodgings Hosts since 2010 and have two adult sons who have flown the nest. 

They host two young people, Christopher* and Megan*. Kathy said: “They are part of the family.  Besides having dinner and hanging out, we work through a plan together to learn life skills. 

“We learn about money management, budgeting, dealing with bills, looking after our health and wellbeing as well as cooking.   I’m supporting them on their journey to independence. I love seeing them blossom and come into their own.”

Christopher*, who has achieved trade qualifications while living with Kathy and Arthur, said: “My confidence has gone from very little to amazing.  I do not feel judged, I feel supported and listened to.  Kathy and her husband Arthur's support is fantastic.

“I just want to say thank you to them as I would not be the person today without their guidance and the environment they have given me.”

Many of the young people in need of support either work or in full-time employment, meaning supported lodgings hosts can work full-time if they wish, while receiving an allowance.

Not all young people have families and support around them to help as they navigate adulthood. Our supported lodging hosts are amazing; they provide a safe space and offer support and guidance, giving over 16s the skills and confidence to prepare for adult life.

Supported lodgings isn’t the same as foster care, this is a more of a supportive role for older young people starting to lead their own lives. The main requirement is to have a spare bedroom.

I’d encourage anyone who is interested to register an interest in our friendly virtual event where they’ll get to chat to Kathy about her experiences, as well as members of our Supported Lodgings Team.

To register to take part in the online event, which takes place from 6.30pm – 8.30pm on Tuesday, February 20, visit our Find Out About Fostering page.

More on becoming a Supported Lodgings Host is available on our Supported Lodgings Hosts page.

*Christopher and Megan’s names have been changed.*


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