Last chance to have say on proposed changes to some school transport services

Still time for the public to shape school transport proposals

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Residents have until Thursday (21 December) to have their say on our proposals on changes to school transport services.

People from across the county still have time to share their views on proposals which could see changes to its discretionary special educational needs (SEN) and home to school transport policies.


Rising budget pressures mean we need to reconsider how we can assist with transport. 

“It is important that people from across the county have their say and share any concerns they have so we can shape the changes that could be made.


The proposed changes could include:

  • Reducing the level of discount available to students and those children attending specialist nurseries from low income families;
  • Replacing council arranged taxi and minibus provision to transport SEN students to post 16 education with direct financial support instead; and
  • Stopping transport to post 16 education for eligible mainstream post 16 students and supporting them instead with a grant for those living in rurally isolated areas and for young people from low income families.

The changes have been put forward as SEN transport costs have increased from £6.5million in 2011/12 to £9.2million in 2016/17 – an increase of 42 per cent, with the costs expected to grow further by four to five per cent every year.

The deadline for consultation response submissions is Thursday, 21 December.

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