New watering call to help trees thrive

People are being urged to do their bit by giving young trees a much-needed water

Councillor Blake Pain waters a young tree

Tree planting is taking off in Leicestershire, with more than 250,000 now planted towards the target of 700,000 – and people are being urged to play their part in preserving them for future generations.

New urban trees need at least 50 litres of water a week, so now that the warm summer months are here, residents are being urged to do their bit by giving them a much-needed water. Volunteer tree-waterers are also being encouraged to source the water sustainably, by using harvested rainwater or ‘grey’ waste water, including dishwater, bathwater and water from washing cars, windows and even clothes, as long as it does not contain bleach.

Young trees which need a helping hand are being marked with easy-to-spot ‘please water me’ tags.

We are committed to protecting and enhancing Leicestershire’s trees and woodlands so that they will continue to benefit future generations.
Trees support wildlife and play a major part in helping to combat climate change, as well as adding beauty to our surroundings. By planting and caring for our trees, we can help towards our ultimate aim of being a net zero county by 2045. Everyone can play their part in helping to make Leicestershire a greener place.

Leicestershire County Council is committed to helping to plant 700,000 trees – one for every person in the county.

According to the Arboricultural Association, young trees need regular watering during the first three years of their life to allow them to thrive. The best time to water the trees is in the early morning or evening, using bath, washing-up or rain water.

More information on caring for trees is available at on the Arboricultural Association website and on our Tree for Every Person website.

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