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Information about our employee benefits package, available to all Leicestershire County Council, Local Authority schools and ESPO employees.

The Wider Wallet ‘My benefits’ brings together a wide range of national and local offers, along with clear information on other Leicestershire County Council employee benefits. Discounts and benefits include saving money at high-street stores, discounts on your supermarket shopping and special offers on leisure activities and gym memberships.

Cycle to Work Scheme

The Council has launched a new cycle to work salary sacrifice scheme which is available for you to join; helping you keep fit and save money on your commute. The Scheme Rules along with further information is available via

Please be aware that 50% of the use of the bike must be for work purposes and, prior to your order being confirmed, you will be contacted to confirm that you accept this and to ensure that your journey, or part journey, from home to work is feasible.

You can select bikes from Halfords or one of its participating network of cycle stores in Leicestershire, information on participating stores can be found at the side of this page. 

The Cycle to Work Salary Sacrifice Scheme allows you to hire a bike and/or accessories of your choice up to the purchase value of £1,000 and make tax and NI savings on the deductions from your salary.

If you haven’t thought about cycling to work before, now is the time to start!

It’s simple; choose a bike and accessories from Halfords or from their extensive network of independent retailers and spread the cost of the hire over 18 months by monthly deductions from your salary.

Examples of savings to be made:

The example below is based on a bike with a retail price of £1,000, with an equivalent salary sacrifice of £55.55 per month over 18 months.  Your savings will depend on the price of the bike and the amount of tax and National Insurance you normally pay.

Tax bandPercentage SavingReduction in monthly net pay (over 18 months)Total reduction in net pay (over 18 months)Overall saving againts retail price
Basic rate32%£37.78£680£320
Higher rate42%£32.22£580£420
Additional rate47%£29.45£530£470

Please note: Leicestershire County Council owns the bike and accessories. You do not have an automatic right to retain the cycle and accessories at the end of the 18 month hire agreement. However, at the end of the hire agreement, the employee will be notified of the options which may be available to them as there is no automatic entitlement to take ownership of the bike and accessories. 

These may include:

  • To return the bike and accessories to Leicestershire County Council.
  • To purchase the bike.  The cost of the bike is determined by HMRC’s calculation of the market value, as follows. Purchasing the bike will cost 16% (inclusive of VAT) of the original price of the bike and accessories if these were below £500, or 21% (inclusive of VAT), if the original cost was above £500 to a maximum of £1,000.  If the employee purchases the bike they will receive a letter transferring ownership of the bike to them.  
  • To retain the bike on an extended hire agreement.  The original hire agreement with the County Council will cease and the extended agreement will then be between the employee and Halfords.  Employees will not be required to make any further hire payments and will be able to retain the bike and accessories cost free for the duration of the extended hire period, providing they remain employees of the County Council.

When employees have made their choice from the options above, they will be informed of the specific arrangements to take up their chosen option.

How do I get involved?

Read the scheme rules to see if you are eligible.  You also need to be happy that you fully understand the terms and conditions before applying to join the scheme.  This information can be found by visiting

Select a bike and accessories (up to a total value of £1,000) from Halfords or one of its participating cycle companies - a list of stores can be found at

Sign up to the scheme by any of the following methods:

  • complete an online application form at
  • complete a paper copy by visiting the cycle store or contact Workplace Bikes directly on 0800 612 7110.
  • Agree to the hire arrangement by completing a variation to employment contract which explains how much your salary deductions will be each month. On agreement, you’ll receive a collection letter; simply take this to your chosen store along with a photo ID, proof of date of birth and address to receive your cycle and accessories.

You will need the County Council access code to register for the scheme (find this on the LCC intranet). You will also need your payroll number and national insurance number which can be found on your payslip.

Please note: employees wishing to join the scheme and who are currently on a fixed-term contract of less than 2 years, please email for advice.

I want more information, who do I contact? 

If you are interested in joining the scheme please visit the Workplacebikes website or for advice about the scheme contact them directly on 0800 612 7110. Information can also be found by emailing or calling 0116 305 7786 or emailing

KiddiVouchers (Childcare Salary Sacrifice Scheme)

In 2017 the Government introduced a new Tax-Free Childcare scheme, with a view to closing existing Childcare Voucher schemes to new entrants. The deadline to join Childcare Vouchers is 4 October 2018. You must join and receive vouchers before the deadline if you want to be able to use Childcare Vouchers now or in future.

If you are not yet a member of our Childcare Voucher scheme, you must order your first vouchers in time to receive them in your September pay. We strongly recommend that you register immediately to avoid missing the payroll deadline. To join the scheme go to and join our scheme by using the LCC scheme reference number. You must do this before your September payroll cut off.

Existing scheme members can continue to enjoy the benefits of the Childcare Voucher scheme for as long as you remain in your current employment, provided you don’t take a break of more than 52 weeks from receiving vouchers.

The KiddiVouchers team has found that 60% of parents will save more with Childcare Vouchers than with the replacement Tax-Free Childcare scheme. If you would like to know whether Childcare Vouchers or Tax-Free Childcare provide the most savings for you, simply use the KiddiVouchers savings calculator.

Information for academies who buy into our HR and/or Payroll Services:

Academy employees have access to all the national and local offers/discounts on the benefits website, the KiddiVouchers Childcare Salary Sacrifice Scheme, and UNISON offers on the Leicestershire County Council employee benefits tab. Academy employees will not be able to access any of the other offers on this tab, as they are specific to LCC employees.

Academy employees who wish to register for childcare vouchers with KiddiVouchers must use their own scheme reference which can be obtained from their Business Manager or Head Teacher.

If you have any questions or if you would like to provide feedback or suggestions on the scheme, please call Wider Wallet on 0800 6127220 or email

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