Alfie The Therapy Horse

89 Station Road, Broughton Astley, LE9 6PU

We are often asked what is a visit ?

Visits involve an unconditional love between the Minature therapy horse/donkey and those who they visit. There is no judgment, people watch, pet, brush, hug and take many pictures.

Our animals can enter any building with our Animals and also go into lifts. We can reach anyone who needs us, we are happy to provide our animals for fund raising or to attend parties or groups. Our Horses donkeys are very well trained

Our animals touch lives in a way that we as people cannot. Simply by being there a presence, the life enchancing visits provide physical, mental and emotional healing.

Our horses are true healers.

Most people are famliar with comfort dogs, but the comfort of the miniature horse/donkey in nursing homes, schools, care homes, hospitals, one to one visits, working with mental health and so much more.

Our miniture horse/donkey can soothe the emotionally distressed, relieve physical pain, reduce heart rate and blood pressure and help with development of motor skills. Their personalites are such that they are gentle and kind.

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