Horses for Causes

Soar Valley Stables, Blaby Bypass, Blaby, LE8 6DA

Horses for Causes is a private, not for profit organisation founded by Sharon Wood in 2010 with the mission of providing growth and change through a variety of social services.

Winners of an outstanding achievement award 2013, for their community service to improve the quality of people’s lives. We continue to work with the National Autistic Society, Menphys, Leicestershire County Council, Blaby District Council, Community Action Partnership amongst social service teams and resource centres.

Through the acts of selecting a horse, gaining its trust, haltering, and grooming the horse, clients gain self-confidence, learn to listen and remain attentive, learn dedication and a work ethic, and develop communication skills that carry over into their daily lives.

We believe that through the process of building relationships with horses and the natural environment, an individual can increase self awareness. This process also allows individuals to develop and improve communication with others and to manage the expression of feelings with greater clarity.

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

Health and wellbeing