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Leicester City Woodgate Inclusive Football Club (Adults - 16+)

Leicester City Woodgate Inclusive Football Club (Adults) belongs to Leicestershire and Rutland Inclusive League and is affiliated to Leicestershire County FA and is a best practice club.

The group being affiliated to the FA assures that every team coach has:

  • Been Criminal Record Bureau checked
  • Achieved FA Level One - first steps to coaching
  • Completed FA Safeguarding Course

All Leicestershire and Rutland Inclusive League clubs are pan disability and welcome players with varying degrees of disability and learning differences.

The Leicestershire and Rutland Inclusive programme are committed to delivery of and expansion of community grass roots teams across Leicester City Leicestershire, and Rutland.

Approximately 90% of the players have a Learning disability/difference that may include ASD/ADHD

Leicester City Woodgate Inclusive Football Club is a volunteer-led organisation, which provides footballing opportunities for males and females aged 16 plus, who fall into various Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) groups.

You are welcome to visit the club and speak to coaching staff, prior to committing to the team, to ensure the club meets your needs.


Helen Sugarman -

Beth Jackson -

Rachel Tasker -

We aim to support the development of all of our players, through enhancing their health and well-being by engaging in regular sporting opportunities

Football is the tool used to develop social skills, to raise the confidence of individuals, promote fair play and respect and develop key life skills by being a valued team member. We work to meet the needs of our players in safe, friendly and fun environments.

We currently have 4 adult teams in the inclusive football league:

Adult FemaleAdult Male Green (League) - Players with limited mobility, spatial awareness and fitness

Adult Male Red (Championship) - Players are mobile, have spatial and tactile awareness, a good level of fitness and have knowledge of the laws of the game

Adult Male Blue (Premiership) - Players with good mobility, good levels of spatial awareness, physical strength and fitness, as well as an excellent ability to understand tactics and a good knowledge of the laws of the game.

Club subscriptions may apply - check with club directly regarding fees/subs.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of the Leicestershire and Rutland County FA or to gain an understanding of which clubs are most likely to meet needs please contact Philippa Bass - Disability Football Development officer on 0116 2867828 or email or visit the Leicestershire and Rutland County FA website

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