My Mind Matters (VASL)

We support people experiencing mental health distress and who need guidance, information and support.  We can support you to maintain or improve your mental wellbeing to live a meaningful and valued life.

If you live in the Harborough district area and would like to find out more, contact us directly or speak to your GP, healthcare professinal or care co-ordinator and they can make a referral for you.

We offer

  • Information and guidance
  • Support to increase your self esteem and build your personal confidence
  • Help to learn new skils and rediscover old interests
  • Ability to build friendshiops with others.

To access our one to one support or mentors, you need to be over 18 and diagnosed by your GP or Mental Health Services with a mental illness.

Advice and support Counselling Education, learning and employment Health and wellbeing