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Shepshed Play Scheme

  • Suitable for children aged 8-14 years
  • Up to 45 children at each session
  • The children are split into smaller groups at times
  • Fully accessible to wheelchairs inside and outside
  • A quiet area can be provided where required
  • 1-1 support can be provided if funding is available

Staff have expereince with ASD, ADHD, Physical Disability, Sensory Needs, Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, Learning Disability, Epilepsy, Hearing impairment, Mental Health needs

Our staff have training to support ASD, ADHD

Our play scheme aims to offer stimulating, fun and constructive activities such as sport, games, arts and crafts, cooking and swimming amongst other things which will cater for children regardless of their ability. Applications from children with special needs and disabilities will be welcomed and where necessary the programme of activities will be adjusted to offer provision for all.

Leisure and recreation, Respite and short breaks
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