Controlled parking spaces

Information on where to park, parking spaces and our parking account

We control no marked out off-street parking spaces available for public use. However we have introduced various on-street parking controls and these have been divided into the following categories:

  • Permit parking zones 
  • Residents parking permit holders only spaces - (spaces only available to Residents parking permit holders)
  • Other parking  - (marked bays including bus parking)
  • Loading bays 
  • Limited waiting bay space (this will also include limited waiting bays where residents permit holders are exempt) 
  • Disabled parking spaces
  • Taxi bays
  • Ambulance/Doctor bays

For information on the spaces available countywide or in a particular district see the documents or map below:

No Waiting (at specified times)
Pedestrian or Restricted Zone
No Loading (at specified times)
Restricted Parking Bay
Disabled Persons Parking
Restricted Parking Zone
Bus Lane

Click on any coloured line to see more information about the parking restriction, such as times of operation. The restrictions displayed are permanent restrictions. Temporary restrictions and suspension are not shown.

You are advised to always check for any signs and lines before parking.

Parking account

We publish information showing revenue collected from on-street parking and Penalty Charge Notices, including a breakdown of how we've spent a surplus on our parking account.

We do not control any marked out off-street parking spaces available for public use.