Transport assistance

Ukrainian guests hosted in Leicestershire as part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme are being offered a travel grant to support their travel needs.

The travel grant of £65 will enable the purchase of a short-term bus pass, or help with other travel costs when Ukrainian guests arrive in Leicestershire.

The travel grant is only available once for each guest, and only to those who have been hosted on the Homes for Ukraine scheme in Leicestershire and currently live in Leicestershire.

It will be paid on the same payment card system used for the initial Homes for Ukraine £200 welcome payment. New arrivals from November 2023 receive this £65 at the same time as their welcome payment.

A travel grant provides flexibility as it could:

  • be used on different bus routes, taxis, multiple single trips over a longer period
  • go towards the purchase of a bicycle
  • allow travel over an unspecified time frame
  • be better for rural areas where bus travel may not be an option.

Travel Grant application form

For any other enquiries about transport support in Leicestershire please contact

Travelling around Leicestershire

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