Equalities groups

Find out about the groups that support the delivery of the council’s equality strategy and our staff.

Corporate Equalities Board

The Equalities Board provides an overview of all equality and diversity related objectives, activities and initiatives which we undertake.  It meets four times a year and is attended by representatives of all council departments, key supporting services and staff network leads.

Minutes of recent Board meetings can be accessed at the bottom of this page. Archived Board minutes are available on request.

Departmental Equalities Groups

Each of our departments has its own local departmental equalities group (DEG). Each DEG helps to monitor how we perform against our equality objectives. They’re also involved in making sure we meet these objectives in both service delivery and employment.

The role of the DEGs includes:

  • reporting to Departmental Management Teams on progress and any important decisions
  • monitoring performance of Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessments
  • developing Departmental Equalities Action Plans, which are monitored and reviewed regularly

Staff networks

We have 5 equality and diversity staff networks and groups. They provide support for their members and help carry out equality and diversity responsibilities. The groups are:

  • Black, Asian and Multi-Ethnic Staff Network
  • Disabled Workers’ Group
  • LGBTQ+ Staff Network
  • The Staff Carers’ Group
  • Diversity Champions

They share the same aims which are to:

  • support, empower and promote self-development
  • work towards our council-wide aim of promoting equality of opportunity and ending discrimination
  • allow members to discuss any concerns or issues they may have
  • provide the opportunity to meet and network with colleagues from across the council

The Diversity Chmapions also enable other members of staff, whether they belong to a specific equality group or not, to support the groups in any way that fosters inclusivity and awareness of equality issues within the council.

Corporate Equalities Board meeting minutes

*June 2020 and September 2020 - these meetings were recorded as action logs only rather than full minutes.