Public sector equality duty

In line with the Public Sector Equality Duty, we publish information about our decision making processes, along with the equality data used in making these decisions. 

We have a responsibility to publish equality objectives every 4 years. However we aim to review them more regularly.

Our 9 priority equality objectives

Objective 1: Understanding the employees of Leicestershire County Council so that we can instigate actions that ensure fairness and equality of opportunity for all.

Objective 2: Demonstrating equality in pay.

Objective 3: Ensuring that equality analysis is undertaken on all new and significantly changed policies, functions, procedures and services to mitigate adverse impact.

Objective 4: Promoting and enhancing understanding of equality, diversity, community cohesion and human rights at all levels within Leicestershire County Council.

Objective 5: Reduce the number of hate incidents and increase levels of hate incident reporting across the county.

Objective 6: Encourage and empower under-represented groups and individuals to participate – in society, their community and at work.

Objective 7: Encouraging engagement and communication with people in the most appropriate and accessible ways.

Objective 8: Empower communities across Leicestershire to have and develop high levels of cohesion, tolerance and resilience.

Objective 9: Strengthening and developing equalities bodies/structures and embedding equality and diversity across partnership structures.

Opens new winEqualities and procurement

Equality in procurement involves making sure that:

  • Our suppliers are appointed fairly
  • Services are provided equally to everyone
  • Our suppliers employe people equally and fairly

Taking this approach helps us to supply better services which meet the needs of our diverse community. We do this by including equality requirements in our contracts where relevant and then making sure that these are followed.