Councillors register of interests

Councillors and co-opted members must register their financial and other registerable interests that they have within 28 days of their election or appointment. They also need to register the financial interests of their spouse or a partner who lives with them.

Further information is in the Members' Code of Conduct (Part 5a of our Constitution)

Financial interests that must be registered:

  • any employment, office, trade, profession or vocation for profit 
  • sponsorship or payment of expenses in the last 12 months 
  • contracts with the council 
  • land in Leicestershire 
  • licenses over land which the council owns
  • tenancies with the council 
  • securities or shares in a Leicestershire-business worth at least £25,000 or 1% of total share capital 

Other interests that must be registered:

Membership or management of:

  • organisations where the councillor represents the council 
  • other public organisations 
  • charitable organisations 
  • bodies which influence public opinion or policy – including political parties and trade unions
  • gifts and hospitality worth more than £50

View a Councillor's register of interests

To view a Councillor's register of interest search for them using our find my councillor page.Opens new window