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Find a care home

If you’re no longer able to live in your own home even with help, you may want to move into a care home where you can get 24-hour help

Choosing your care home

You have the right to choose a care home that is able to give you the type of care that you need. The type of care you need will be set out in your care plan.

The care home must also:

  • not cost more than we have assessed your care should cost – if the care home costs more, you’ll have to pay top-ups
  • have a place available for you
  • be willing to have a contract with us and agree to our terms and conditions

Find a care home

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspects all care homes in England and Wales. Search the website for a named care home or homes in a particular area.

Search the NHS Choices website for:

Find care homes in the Care Directory for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

What to look for in a care home

Residential and nursing care homes should give you:

  • help with getting up and going to bed, washing and dressing
  • help with going to the toilet
  • meals and help with eating
  • a comfortable and safe place to live
  • activities you enjoy and are interested in
  • privacy, dignity and respect
  • emotional and social help and encouragement

Nursing homes should also give you the nursing care you need.

Print off a checklist to take with you when you visit a home

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