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Covid - latest information

Coronavirus restrictions remain in place across the country – here’s the latest information on our services.

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Covid Local Grant Scheme (CLGS)

Targeted support directly to vulnerable children and families.

Covid Local Grant Scheme (CLGS) has replaced the Covid Winter Grant Scheme (CWGS)

The support provided through the Government funded Covid Winter Grant Scheme has now ended. The Government has created a new scheme entitled the Covid Local Grant Scheme and Leicestershire County Council have been awarded £344,038 which must be spent by 20th June 2021.

The primary policy objectives behind the scheme are to support families with children with food, energy and utility costs although some provision can be made for other vulnerable families.

The key criteria are to ensure 80% of the grant is awarded to families with children and 80% towards food, energy and utilities. 20% can be allocated to other vulnerable families and for other urgent support.

Leicestershire County Council will use the majority of this grant allocation to fund Free School Meal Vouchers for eligible pupils in May Half Term and provide food parcels and assistance with clothes and other essential expenditure to vulnerable families. In addition, support will be given to third party providers that the County Council already works closely with who support vulnerable families.  The Leicestershire Covid Local Grant Scheme makes no provision for applications from individuals or third party referrers.

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