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Covid Local Grant Scheme (CLGS)

Targeted support directly to vulnerable children and families.

Covid Local Grant Scheme (CLGS) has replaced the Covid Winter Grant Scheme (CWGS)

The Government have provided £1.4m of further funding of the Covid Local Support Grant from 20th June to 30th September 2021. 

It will be spent on providing Free School Meal vouchers over the school summer holidays to eligible pupils in our schools (county and neighbouring authority pupils), eligible Leicestershire SEND pupils and eligible early years pupils. 

The offer is £90 per pupil (£15 pwk x 6 weeks).  

If there are any funds left after schools have issued the vouchers we will offer a more universal provision accessed via referral from our social care teams.

Please note: The Leicestershire Covid Local Grant Scheme does not allow for applications from individuals or third party referrers.

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