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Become a personal assistant

A Personal Assistant (PA) supports people to live independently by helping with a variety of daily tasks:

  • personal care
  • cooking and cleaning
  • paying bills
  • leisure and social activities
  • shopping
  • accessing work or college

A PA is employed directly by the person needing support

They will:

  • write your job description
  • provide day to day support
  • decide on the work you will do
  • set your hourly rate of pay
  • pay your wages

Occasionally the family of the person needing support or an agency employing PAs will give the instructions on what work is needed.

As an employee, a PA will have employment rights.

Skills and experience

If you are thinking of becoming a PA it is useful to have:

  • worked as a volunteer within a community setting
  • related experience, eg looking after a family member
  • studied or be studying for a Social Care qualification
  • worked as a care assistant in the past

Working as a PA

You can apply to become a PA for more than one person and can find work by:

  • looking in local job centres
  • looking at adverts in local shops, libraries and local papers
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