Superfast Leicestershire

Superfast Leicestershire is a project to bring fibre broadband to as many premises in Leicestershire as possible.

Superfast Leicestershire is a partnership between the county council, BT, the district and borough councils, economic bodies, and voluntary and charity organisations who want to achieve this.

Leicestershire County Council is investing £5.4m in this project. £1.2m has been allocated by the District, Borough and City Councils, with an additional £7.97m coming from Government and £1.2 million from the European Union. BT is also making an £7m capital investment and is contributing a further £7.6m in operating costs. The Leicester and Leicestershire Local Enterprise Partnership, through the Local Growth Fund, is also contributing £3.1m towards the overall cost of the Superfast Leicestershire deployment.

To learn more about the Superfast Leicestershire programme and to find out when superfast fibre broadband will be available in your area, please visit